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渋谷のWasted Timeにてだった。単独演奏。出してくれたお店に、共演者たちと聴きに来てくれた皆さんに、多謝。

f hole

tried writing a sonnet today. wasn't very good. will i show you? no.


played a show today too. went better than the sonnet (i think).


it was at Wasted Time in Shibuya. i played solo. thanks a lot to the venue for having me, and to the other artists on the bill, and of course to everyone who listened.


  1. 妄想力(YouTubeで試聴可
  2. 象徴的
  3. 別の人になる(SoundCloudで試聴可
  4. 液体
  5. 太陽の子(Bluehourのカバー曲)
  6. laudanum song

set list:

  1. mosoryoku (listen on YouTube)
  2. shochoteki
  3. betsu no hito ni naru (listen on SoundCloud)
  4. ekitai
  5. taiyo no ko (Bluehour cover song)
  6. laudanum song


  • 大野雄介さん:男子アコギ弾き語り・地味なポップ・ハスキーな歌声・メジャー7コードを好むみたい・彼のサイト:http://ameblo.jp/utautai-you/
  • amiIrieさん:よくご一緒させていただいている・女子アコギ弾き語り・歌の上手なお姉さん・カバー曲もオリジナルも・彼女のサイト:http://amiwind.com/
  • Chihoさん:女子ボーカル、それにサポートのギターのカホン・かわいらしい感じ・残念ながら彼女のサイトがちょっと見つからない…

the other artists:

  • Yusuke Ono: male acoustic singer-songwriter, subdued pop, a husky voice, seems to favor maj7 chords. his site is here: http://ameblo.jp/utautai-you/
  • amiIrie: we often play together at W.T.; a female acoustic singer-songwriter with the air of a veteran, does covers and originals. her site is here: http://amiwind.com/
  • Chiho: female vocalists with a support guitarist and cahon-ist, a cute vibe; unfortunately i can't seem to locate a link for her...


so. tomorrow (today, by now) i've got two more shows. smothered in shows. details here.

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