therein the patient must minister to himself

in the mood today to put answers before questions. but it would be nice indeed to pluck from the memory a rooted etc.


so. what's new.





one bit of news is, hashigo (the acoustic trio i'm in) has just released a double-EP. the discs are called "hiru" and "yoru". info is on the hashigo site, and they should be available online at the Ongaku No Jikan site shortly.


we're going to put a song from each disc onto YouTube, whenever we get in gear and do it.

僕が参加しているアコースティック バンド「梯子ノ上デ」は4曲入りCDの二枚組を発表したばかりだ。「昼」と「夜」というEPたち。梯子サイトに詳しく書いてあるよ。近いうちにおんがくのじかんのサイトで通販開始すると思う。



brand new hashigo CDs just being released notwithstanding, we're already at work recording the next releases. they'll probably follow our usual pattern (double-EPs released simultaneously), but this time with 5 songs each, not 4.

cords and ropes


and. other other news.


kemuri no wan (the guitar-drum duo i'm in) played a show the other day at Three in Shimokitazawa. thanks to the venue for having us and to everybody who was there to listen.


the other bands were really good too, so we were glad to get to play. i came to the show straight from work, so i missed Maki Miura and Rei Yokoyama's set. but Eeyo and Triola were both definitely worth hearing.






kemuri set list:

  1. suna arashi suna dokei
  2. 0+0-0
  3. tsumini shinko
  4. mass extinction song
  5. ni no mai


  1. 砂嵐砂時計
  2. 0+0ー0
  3. 積荷信仰
  4. mass extinction song
  5. 二の舞

third item. my event at nanahari fast approacheth. you should come. it's on the 20th. details are here.


fourth item. cubic star minimal orchestra (in which i play guitar) will play a pretty big show on november 29th. the flier is at right. click to enlarge. and then come to the show.

cubic star minimal orchestra 11/29 Shinjuku Loft
cubic star minimal orchestra - 11/29

あとさ。僕がギターのみで参加しているcubic star minimal orchestraのちょっと盛大になりそうなライブも11月にある。そのチラシは左記。クリックして拡大できるよ。拡大してみたらライブにも来るんだよ。

and what else. well, as usual, i'm playing more shows than is good for me. you can find details over here.


these days i've started listening to a local singer called Satomimagae. you should check her out.


have been in slow-motion mode these days.


some videos below, for your viewing pleasure.








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