ossuaries and vanitas

been pretty forgetful these days... i carried the studio key home in my pocket twice in august... it's a two-hour round trip train ride to take it back...

after the dance

近頃はおっちょこちょい… 8月に2回、スタジオの鍵をポケットに入れたまま帰っちゃったの… 戻すのは往復2時間の電車だし…

and then today i was supposed to drop off some fliers for guts yoshijima, and i forgot them...

それに今日はガッツ吉嶋に届けなきゃいけなかったチラシを家に忘れてしまったもの… またまた…

anyway, never mind that. let me tell you about the show yesterday. i played a solo set at ringoya in ikebukuro. thanks a lot to everybody who came, and to the other artists and the venue.


first to play was a male singer-songwriter called Takehero. electric guitar and harmonica, unadorned singing, intricate lyrics. mid-tempo pop with interesting changes. his site is here.


next, me. set list:

  1. betsu no hito ni naru
  2. kanashimi ha chishiki de aru
  3. byakuya yokoku
  4. aerofoil song
  5. desaturation song
  6. laudanum song


fifth on the set list was originally going to be a song called suibo. it's a song i wrote, played a few times, rewrote, played a bit, decided to throw away, decided to bring back, rewrote, and decided to try out last night. and then when it was time to play it, i changed my mind and did desaturation song instead. considering the overall flow of the set etc., i think i should have done suibo, actually. ha, ha.


  1. 別の人になる
  2. 悲しみは知識である
  3. 白夜予告
  4. aerofoil song
  5. desaturation song
  6. laudanum song


5曲目はそもそも「衰亡」という曲を演るつもりだった。その曲は、書いて、何回か演奏してみて、書き直して、また演奏してみて、捨てることにして、後でゴミ箱から取り出してまた歌詞などをいじって、昨日やってみることにした。そうすると5曲目の時に至ったら気が変わってdesaturation songにした。でも今はライブの全体の流れなどを考えてみると、本当は「衰亡」をすれば良かったと思う。は、は。

after me, a female piano singer-songwriter called kanae saito played. dramatic pop, sort of adult-oriented, in a full singing voice. unique piano, with a flexible sense of time. her site is here.


finally came shinsuke ikeda and his group. he's a singer/guitarist, and he was saying that the band this time was different from usual: female harmonies, two guitars, percussion and violin. adult contemporary with some latin and jazz influences. his site is here.

最後は池田信輔さんという男子ギター・ボーカルのユニット。昨日の編成はいつもとちょっと違うそう:女子コーラス、ギター2本、パーカッション、バイオリン。サウンドはラテンとジャズの影響を受けたアダルト コンテンポラリー。彼のサイトはこちら


i'll have a lot of time on my hands in september. at present i've only got two shows booked. one is a hashigo show, part of mikihito nakahira's record release, which should be fun. it's on sept. 22.


two days after that, on sept. 24, i've got a solo show. both of these shows happen to be at the same venue, wasted time in shibuya. details are on the hashigo site for the first, on this site for the second.



その2日後(9月24日)にソロ出演もある。双方とも同じ渋谷のWasted Timeというお店にて。詳しくは、22日は梯子ノ上デのサイトまでで、24日は当サイトにて。

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