cubic star minimal orchestraというバンドに加担することになったのだ。



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a bit of recent news.


i've begun participating in a band called cubic star minimal orchestra.


it's an instrumental band (no singer) in which i play guitar now.


this came about because the drummer and band leader is tomohito yoshijima, who also drums in hashigo no ue de.


since we've been playing together in hashigo for a while, and he knows how easy i am to push around, when he was looking for a new guitarist he decided to call on me.


the sound is different from any of the other stuff i've been doing these days, be it my solo stuff, hashigo, kemuri no wan, or what i used to do with fjbn. it's much more up-tempo, brighter, more fun.


so at first i was like, there's no way i can do it. too happy. but rehearsals are actually going well.

cubic starのサイトはこちら。でも僕が参加するようになったことをまだ反映してくれてない。ふむ。

the cubic star site is here. though they still haven't updated it to reflect the fact that i joined. harrumph.

ソロ活動はもちろんそうだが、梯子ノ上デや煙湾は僕が作曲と歌を担当していて(不自分もそうだったし)、ある意味では僕が「主役」を担ってるよね。主役という言い方が嫌だが。作曲とバンマスを違う人が担当してくれてるバンドに参加するのは、もう8〜9年ぶりなんだな。アメリカの時のAbandon Theoryというバンドに参加してた以来。

with hashigo and kemuri, and in the past with fjbn, and of course with my solo stuff, i write the songs and sing, which in a sense makes me the central figure. though i really dislike thinking about it in those terms. it's been about 8 or 9 years since i played in a band where somebody else writes the songs and is the boss. ever since i played in a band called Abandon Theory back in the U.S.


so it feels really fresh. actually i was suprised to find that, it's like, if i don't have to sing, what a cakewalk! midway through the song if the guitar isn't needed for a minute or two, i get an actual break. the sort mandated by labor laws.


i've added some cubic show dates to the show schedule on this site. though most details are TBA. if you can, come to a show. in november there'll be a pretty big one, should be fun.

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